Water Extraction

Water Extraction Company Beverly HillsCall the 24/7 Water Removal team for specialized water extraction services for your home or business. When water damage causes staining, it does not mean your carpets and fabrics are unsalvageable.  In areas like Beverly Hills, the cost of living is already 65% higher than the nation average. The last thing you will want to do is replace those expensive furnishing accessories because of blemishes suffered from water damage. With our help, you won’t have to.

Using the latest tools from top water extraction equipment manufacturers, we can restore your carpet back to looking like brand new.

What is Hot Water Extraction?

Water Extraction Los AngelesDespite making progress over the years, L.A. is consistently ranked among cities with the heaviest fog, particularly in the Inland Empire region. Unbeknownst to many residents in the area, the dirt and pollutants present in the smoggy air can find their way into the home and carpet fibers. Water extraction is the perfect solution to this problem.

Hot water extraction is commonly referred to as “steam cleaning,” although steam is not utilized. This term was simply employed as a marketing angle. As technology in the field has advanced, so has the process of hot water extraction, although the basics of the method have not changed.

A licensed water damage restoration specialist will take the following steps to help return your carpet and other fabrics to like-new condition:

Step One: The carpet must be pre-vacuumed to remove any loose contaminants.

Step Two: A spray will be applied and brushed to loosen remaining dirt and grime that vacuuming could not eliminate.

Step: Three: At this point, a hot water extraction machine will be used, injecting hot water at boiling temperatures with cleaner into the carpet or fabric, and then extracting all the bacteria and soil through a vacuuming action.

Step Four: The carpeting should be brushed out to air as well as possible. Air movers and fans should be placed to help with the drying process.

How is Water Extraction Accomplished?

Professional Water Extraction Service Baldwin HillsDepending on the severity of the situation, a variety of water extraction tools can be used. If the damage is minor, a water extraction professional may either utilize simple portable tools. If the damage is more in the area of ‘major,’ like the Baldwin Hills flood of 1963, then the technician will most likely have to use equipment that is a little more heavy-duty.

Various types of water extraction equipment include:

  • Spot Lifters
  • Handheld water extraction wands
  • Stationary water vacuums
  • Water Claws

There are two main types of water extraction tools:

Portable machines are smaller, electricity-powered cleaners for use in homes and small businesses, whereas the more powerful truck mounted machines are gas-and-diesel powered machines inside cleaning trucks and vans for use by industrial carpet cleaners.

Is Water Extraction Safe for My Carpet?

If you need water extraction in Los Angeles or Ventura County, it is recommended that you consult a water extraction specialist on how to proceed with cleaning your carpet.

Generally, water extraction is safe and works well with synthetic carpet fibers like polyester, nylon and olegin. Other materials like wool and cotton can also be cleaned by hot water extraction, but with extreme care not to let the water get too hot and damage the fiber. Silk and other natural fibers such as seagrass should not be used with this method.

In addition to carpets, water extraction can also be used for certain types of upholstery, depending on the type of fabric. As with carpets, a consultation with a professional will help you know if water extraction is right for your carpet or upholstery.