I have never written a review for a company before until I met the guys from 24/7 Water Removal. They were so great and so knowledgeable. After 5 minutes of looking at my water damage they were able to tell me exactly what needed to be done, how long it would take, and an estimate of how much it would cost me. They were so nice and I felt comfortable and at ease when they were there. I knew that I was going to get the best work for my money with 24/7 Water Removal. I will never use anyone other than 24/7 Water Removal for these jobs.

David M.West Hollywood

When my fridge started leaking and causing water damage I had no clue who to call. I called multiple companies and was put on hold, hung up on, told they couldn’t come out for a week, and all sorts of other excuses. But when I called 24/7 Water Removal they were kind, understanding, quick to the point, and personable. I was very happy with the work they did for me and so was my insurance company! If I had to recommend anyone for these types of jobs it would hands down be 24/7 Water Removal.

Karen B.Santa Monica

I manage apartment complexes and the only people I will call for my water damage is 24/7 Water Removal. They are quick and reliable and sincerely know what they are doing. They have saved me so much money by pointing out something small that I never would have noticed but would have caused me big problems in the future if not found early on. I bring them out anytime I have a new tenant moving in, or an old one moving out. They are my first call. If you need help with any type of water damage issues call 24/7 they really know what they’re doing!

Harris W.Ojai

When my next door neighbor’s pipes started leaking causing water damage underneath their sink I told them to call 24/7 Water Removal. I used them about a year ago when the guy I was living above complained to me about my floor leaking onto his carpet. I had no idea anything was wrong until he had told me. When I called 24/7 water renewal they fixed the problem and gave me advice and tips on how to tell if there is water damage. They taught me that even the smallest amount could turn into a big problem if not properly taken care of. Because of them, I now know how to do weekly checks to make sure everything is still in good shape. And if I ever did have another problem I would not hesitate to call 24/7 Water Removal right away!

Manuel P.Fullerton

When I used 24/7 Water Removal last year I felt completely taken care of. They answered all my questions and kept me completely in the loop every step of the way. They made this stressful time and stressful process quick and easy for me. They gave me advice on how to make easy fixes that would prevent future water damage. I could tell that they were completely in control of the situation and knew exactly what they were doing.

Laura C.Long Beach

If you need help with water damage then you will definitely want to use 24/7 Water Removal. These guys are great! They seem to really know what they are doing, and seem to have a lot of experience in this line of work. I felt completely comfortable turning my home over to them and letting them decide what needed to be done. I got a great price, and a job well done. It was a win-win for me when I used 24/7 Water Removal.

Frank G.Reseda

I am very pleased with the work 24/7 Water Removal did for me. They handled my home with care and consideration. They took time evaluating exactly what needed to be done and I felt 100% satisfied with the agreement we came to. They gave us advice on what they felt would work best but still left it up to us to make the final decision. The price was great, I didn’t feel cheated, or like I was being taken advantage of. I felt that they gave me a better price than anyone else would have been able to offer.

Brenda M.Camarillo

24/7 Water Removal gave me a great experience with my water damage restoration. They were on time and accurate. I felt that they sincerely wanted me to get the best price that I possibly could. I never felt pressured to buy products from them, their estimate was accurate, and my insurance company was very pleased with their work. These guys are the best and they will give you the best!

Sharon S.Calabassas