Storm Repair

Storm Damage Services

Professional Storm Repair Huntington BeachWhile Los Angeles may not have a reputation as a rain-heavy county, damaging weather can still creep up unexpectedly. In 2014 alone, cities in the Antelope Valley experienced sudden storms that produced rain, hail and snow. When these rare situations occur, 24/7 Water Removal is available and ready to provide storm damage services to you.

Believe it or not, Los Angeles is known as the tornado capital of California, producing the most twisters of any city in the state. Granted, the majority of tornadoes are relatively weak – registering at F-0 to F-1 on the Fujita scale – but this propensity to produce tornadic activity near a large body of water can create waterspouts, which can wreak havoc as evidenced by the Huntington Beach waterspout that caused property damage in 2010.

What to Do When You Experience Storm Damage

Expert Storm Damage Service TorranceIt is always recommend to be proactive when dealing with storm damage, even if the damage itself is currently only exterior. Given the infestation of Western Drywood Termites in the greater Los Angeles area – particularly along the Pacific Coast Highway and towns such as Manhattan Beach and Torrance – it is possible that the structure of your home or business could be compromised.

Consequently, it may not be long before the damage sustained to the outside of your home makes its way inside through leaks that have soaked roofs, ceilings and walls.

Call a storm damage repair specialist immediately to keep any existing damage from spreading to other areas of the property.

Types of Storm Restoration Services

Storm Damage Repair Professionals Los AngelesWhile major weather events are not a part of everyday life in Los Angeles, sudden storms are still always a possibility, and the potential repercussions can catch you off guard. For instance, when a rash of storms pushed across Southern California between February and March of 2014, immediate evacuations were ordered for mountain foothill areas like Azusa that had been recently victimized by wildfires, as these events placed the area at risk for mudslides.

Mudslides, along with fallen trees from strong winds and other effects of severe weather, can cause a potentially devastating amount of property damage. If this occurs, contact a professional as quickly as possible so they can provide storm restoration services, which can involve the following measures to help secure your property:

  • Boarding Up: If the damage to a structure is so severe that it leaves the building exposed to further elemental damage, or even vandalism, parts of the structure – like windows or doors – may need to be boarded up to prevent these scenarios, as well as to ensure safety for the property’s inhabitants.
  • Roof Tarping: If strong winds cause a tree to fall and cause roof damage, you will need to have tarp placed on the roof to prevent any further damage to other parts of the home.
  • Building Shrink Wrap: For extensive damage where boarding services may not be enough, you may need to cover the entire building in plastic wrap for maximum protection while other repairs are being made.
  • Water Removal: If rain has entered the structure through a busted roof, or if the structure has been compromised and has caused pipe damage, you will want a professional to assist immediately in having the plumbing repaired and any water removed before it has a chance to cause long-lasting water damage or mold growth.
  • Debris Cleanup/Restoration: This involves removing fallen trees and damaged parts of the building from the premises, as well as water extraction, after which case the process of repairing and replacing various parts of the interior and exterior can take place.

Extreme weather can be a burden, but acting fast is key to getting your life or business back on track.