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Water Damage Insurance Coverage

Water Damage Insurance Coverage Northridge Extensive water damage typically occurs without warning and with devastating results. While not every earthquake in Los Angeles is as destructive as the 6.7 magnitude disaster that hit Northridge in 1994, even the most seemingly mild tremor can cause structural damage to your pipes without your knowledge. Unfortunately, this issue may not manifest until the worst possible time under the worst possible conditions.

When the unexpected occurs, it is imperative to act fast, and it is easier to react quickly to these types of unfortunate incidents when you know your water damage insurance coverage policy. 24/7 Water Removal will work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to bring about the fastest and most thorough result to your water restoration needs.

Water Damage vs. Flood Damage

Water and Flood Damage Insurance Coverage Los AngelesThere are two types of insurance that cover water damage; Flood insurance, and homeowner’s insurance. It is important to know the difference, as you may or may not be covered depending on the source of the damage. Be sure to review your policy and contact your provider agent for specific information regarding your coverage.

  • Flood Insurance: This insurance, as stated by the name, offers coverage for damage sustained by flood, which in insurance terms means rising water from the ground that has infiltrated or assisted in damaging your home. Examples include:-Flash flooding that causes a mudslide that enters and/or damages your home.
    -Heavy rain leaks into the basement due to poor soil absorption around your home.
    -Nearby bodies of water overflow and enter the structure.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance: Homeowner’s insurance provides coverage for types of water damage not listed above. Water damage, from an insurance perspective, happens when water causes damage to the structure before touching the ground. For example:-Heavy rain causes water to leak into the roof or ceiling.
    -Busted pipes cause water to flush through the home or business.
    -Harsh elements like wind or hail break through windows and allow rain inside.

Filing a Water Damage Insurance Claim

When filing a water damage claim with your insurance company, following these helpful hints can help make for a much less painful process:

  1. Photograph and/or videotape damages so that your claim adjuster can have evidence of the full extent of damage. This is especially helpful if you need to make emergency repairs that cannot wait for an adjuster to make it to the site.
  2. Keep receipts and a log of everything you spend on repairs.
  3. When dealing with an insurance company, follow-up phone calls will likely be needed. Make sure to keep note of every representative you spoke with, including dates and times.
  4. Make any repairs essential to the safety and stability of your property and its inhabitants, but nothing major or permanent until you receive the green light from the insurance company.

After filing a claim, you should soon hear from your adjuster who will assist with reviewing your water damage insurance coverage to help get the water damage repair and restoration process underway.