Flood Cleanup

Flood Cleanup Specialist Ventura County24/7 Water Removal is the go-to provider for flood cleanup services in Los Angeles and Ventura County. Our team of flood damage experts is always prepared to bring you fast and efficient flood restoration. With over two decades in the industry, we have seen every scenario imaginable. We use this knowledge to our advantage so that we can offer the fastest, and most importantly, high-quality flood cleanup service around.

Flood Cleanup Service Process

Flood Damage Cleanup Company Los AngelesA highly qualified flood cleanup service professional understands that it is a lengthy process, with safety and efficiency as the two main goals. While not every flood is as damaging as the 1938 flood that caused the Los Angeles River to burst, even the smallest unexpected tragedy can be detrimental to the family’s well-being and sense of security.
You will be best served to act fast and contact a professional immediately to minimize further damage, as the flood cleanup process is a meticulous procedure that will take some time on its own. When a flood cleanup service technician arrives at your property, he or she will take the following steps in restoring your structure from flood damage:

  1. Turn Off Electricity and Gas: As safety is a number one concern for this type of procedure, all electricity and gas to the home must be switched off via fuse and breaker boxes, as well as gas valves.
  2. Slowly Pump Out Water: This will likely be the longest stage in the flood cleanup process. Water must be removed only 2 to 3 feet per day to keep a balance of pressure on the inside and outside of the walls. This will prevent the foundation from cracking and collapsing.
  3. Remove Contaminants: Once all the water has been pumped out, sewage, mud and other contaminants can begin to be shoveled out. Crevices and heating/air ducts should also be cleaned out.
  4. Disinfect: Thoroughly clean walls, floors and other surfaces with heavy-duty cleaners, and even employ the use of chlorine bleach to kill germs
  5. Mold Prevention: Dry out the area within 2-3 days to help prevent potential mold growth. All furniture rugs and fabrics should be dried as soon as possible, either by being placed outside, or with a dehumidifier indoors to eliminate moisture.
  6. Clean Carpets: Water extraction may be the most effective way to clean carpets and rugs quickly. If the carpet was compromised by sewage-infested water in the flood, it should be thrown away immediately as a health precaution.

Flood Safety Tips

Flood Damage Experts Long BeachAccording to Geographic Information Systems, rises in sea level from climate change have created an increased risk of flooding along the Los Angeles coastline near cities like Long Beach. For those living on the oceanfront, this can be a point of concern. However, the ocean is by no means the sole factor for unexpected flooding issues. It could be something as random as a broken water main that can flood a street and nearby properties within a matter of minutes.
Whatever the cause, flooding can be dangerous if you are not equipped to handle it. Here are some flood safety tips to follow when a disastrous incident suddenly occurs:

  • Call a Professional: Flood cleanup is not a do-it-yourself task. Flooding creates an environment that can be very hazardous to your health. Find a flood cleanup specialist with the right equipment who can clean and restore the area in a safe manner.
  • Review Your Insurance Coverage Policy: Get in touch with your insurance provider and learn the circumstances under which your policy will cover you. This could protect you from excessive out-of-pocket costs.
  • Stay Away Until Restoration Is Complete: If flooding is severe, the excess of water can badly affect your sewage system and cause toxic conditions. These conditions are a breeding ground for a myriad of diseases including E. Coli, Hepatitis A, and Tetanus through the contaminated water. Wait for the flood cleanup specialist to rid the environment of dangerous bugs and chemicals before returning.