Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Repair Company Los Angeles24/7 Water Removal is available in Los Angeles and Ventura County to assist with all restoration needs stemming from fire damage. Contact one of our professionals for on-site service immediately, as the effects from fire damage can be costly and time-consuming if not dealt with as soon as possible.

Our team of restoration experts brings years of experience to the field of water and fire restoration.  No job is too big or small, and we will come to you any time of day or night. You can trust us when disaster strikes to be by your side during the fire damage restoration process, answering any and all questions you may have along the way.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Expert Fire Damage Restoration Service Topanga CanyonThe potential for fires in Los Angeles cities like Topanga Canyon is extremely high due to a combination of factors, including the dry Santa Ana winds that are prevalent in this area, mixed with the fact that California is experiencing a statewide drought. If you live in a high-risk area, having a reliable fire damage restoration company on standby is paramount, as this worst-case scenario is unfortunately something that should be accounted for at all times.

In the case your home or business suffers fire damage, these are the steps a qualified professional will take through the fire restoration process.

  1. Cleaning: The first step is always to give a thorough cleaning to the area – including ceilings, floors and walls – to clear away as much soot as humanly possible to prevent permanent damage and residues. Practice safety by wearing face masks to avoid toxic inhalation, and open windows for adequate ventilation.
  2. Deodorization: Fire damage restoration technicians will then work quickly to remove odors caused by fire damage, identifying and eliminating the source of the odor with high-potency cleaning agents. Finally, they will quarantine items that can be salvaged to avoid contamination.

Fire Damage Prevention

Fire Damage Repair Company CamarilloAfter the 2013 Springs Fire in Camarillo that threatened nearly 4,000 homes in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, the understanding of fire damage as a very real threat is reinforced. The key is fire damage prevention and preparation for when disaster strikes.  While Mother Nature is unpredictable, here are some measures you can take to minimize other risks of fire interrupting your life.

  • Keep clothes dryers’ lint traps clean and clear, as lint can cause the dryer to overheat.
  • Make sure electrical cords are free of tears or other damage that could create sparking.
  • Keep space heaters away from curtains.
  • Test smoke detectors regularly, and replace batteries at least once a year.
  • Do not plug too many appliances or electrical devices into a single outlet.
  • Keep your chimney clean and free of creosote residue that can catch fire.
  • When cooking, always remain near the stove, and keep flammable items at a safe distance.

Fire Damage Repair

Professional Fire Damage Repair GlendoraFire damage repair is a time-sensitive process, and not a problem that should be delayed by even a single moment. Just as the state of California worked immediately to restore damage caused by the Angeles National Forest Colby Fire in Glendora, so should you react as quickly in having your home or business repaired and restored.

Below is a timeline of fire damage aftermath when it is not addressed:

  • After only minutes, acidic soot causes plastics and small appliances to discolor, permanently in the case of porous materials.
  • After a few hours, other acidic residues begin staining bathroom grout. Countertops and fiberglass bathroom fixtures start to yellow.
  • Within days, painted walls and upholstery are permanently stained, and vinyl floors will likely need to be replaced.
  • Within weeks, carpet fibers are permanently discolored. Expensive possessions such as china and crystal will need to be replaced due to exposure to soot residue.

It is now evident how time is truly of the essence when dealing with fire damage. Cleaning soot must be done immediately or it will continue to accumulate and cause further issues like those listed above.

Tools for Successful Fire Damage Restoration

Professional Fire Damage Restoration PalmdaleWhen fire happens, it is of the highest priority to act fast and get the restoration process completed as quickly as possible. For example, when the Powerhouse Fire occurred near Palmdale in 2013, 53 structures were affected, including 24 homes. Other structures could be salvaged due to immediate response.

To restore as many possessions and structures as possible, the best and latest equipment must be used, such as:

  • Degreasers: Fire damage restoration requires heavy duty cleaning using specialized products that can rid surfaces of stains and residue brought on by soot accumulation.
  • Foggers: These deodorizing machines can deeply penetrate porous areas and eliminate unpleasant smells hidden within.
  • Dusters and Sponges: Sponges are used for standard surface cleaning, while dusters – with lamb’s wool fibers – are ideal for smoke dust and soil removal from walls and ceilings.
  • Safety Equipment: Respirators and safety glasses are necessary for any fire restoration project. Microscopic soot and smoke particles can be damaging to one’s health if inhaled.

Your possessions are valuable and important to you, and you need a fire restoration specialist who will work to recover, restore and reconstruct your belongings to the very highest standard of quality, while maintaining your safety as a top priority.

If you have recently been victimized by fire damage, contact a fire damage repair technician immediately