Smoke Damage Tips

A house fire may be one of the most traumatizing events you will ever experience in your life. It can be quite a crushing time, leaving you clueless as to where to turn. Worse yet, unlike water damage where only the area that comes in contact with the water is affect, the resulting smoke from fire damage can extend far behind where the fire itself comes in direct physical contact with the structure.

Hiring a fire damage restoration professional is absolutely recommended in this case. Beforehand, if the structure is safe to enter, here are some things you can do in the immediate aftermath of a fire to eliminate lingering damage from fire and smoke quickly and effectively:

  • Take Photos – When fire damage occurs, you will want to know your coverage and should contact your insurance provider. Before your adjuster visits, be sure to document as much damage as possible for the most accurate claim.
  • Clean Up – Anything, such as silverware, cookware, clothes, bedding, etc. that can be salvaged should be washed or scrubbed thoroughly before discoloration begins to set in.
  • Ventilate – Opening windows to help toxic smoke fumes escape while clean air recycles in will help with odor reduction.
  • Replace Carpets – No matter how thoroughly you vacuum or wash carpeting, it will most times retain a smoky odor.
  • Leave the Property – Leave the property until a fire damage restoration company can recover your property to pre-loss condition. An attempt to stay in the home during the cleanup process can be potentially fatal with all the chemicals and toxic fumes one might inhale.

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