Preparing Your Home for a Storm

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A storm, hurricane, or tornado can have devastating effects on your home. From ruining your personal belongings to destroying the roof of your house, the extent of damage a storm can do has no bounds. 24/7 Water Removal encourages our customers to take the necessary steps to protecting your home against an incoming storm.

How to Prepare Home for a Storm

Severe winds and torrents of water are the most damaging aspects of a storm. Follow these preparation tips to make sure your home, family, and possessions are protected when Mother Nature gets angry.

  • Prepare Appliances and Utilities

L-brackets available at your local hardware store will prepare your appliances for the storm by anchoring them to your countertops or walls. All utilities, including electricity, water, and gas, should be shut off before the storm hits – if there’s time.

  • Prepare Cupboards

Either remove contents in the cupboard or install child safety locks to prevent spillage during the storm.

  • Prepare Roof

Depending on the kind of roof you have, the preparation for a storm will differ. A metal roof should be recoated and a shingle roof should have all shingles tightened. All debris, including leaves, should be completely removed.

  • Prepare Pictures and Wall Décor

If you attach your pictures and wall decorations with v-hooks instead of nails, your pictures will move and shift during a storm without falling down.

  • Prepare Beneath Your Home

Never store anything flammable beneath your home. Other hazardous material, which is defined as any material that threatens the safety of the public, shouldn’t be kept underneath your home either.

  • Prepare Windows and Doors

Preparing your windows and doors for a storm could be an entire other blog in itself. Here are a few tips to keep your windows and doors intact:

  • Tape windows to prevent flying glass
  • Cover windows and doors with hurricane film
  • Install roll-up or accordion plywood shutters
  • Check for any loose or missing screws

Preparing your home for a storm is just one way to keep your property and family safe from inclement weather. Always have an emergency plan in place and keep important numbers accessible. If your home is damaged during a storm, 24/7 Water Removal is here to help.

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